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Thanks so much for being here. We’re Rodney & Tina, a husband and wife team, and we LOVE what we do. Our photography style is organic and natural, shot on film + digital and focused on genuine emotions and beautiful moments. We specialize in timeless, fine art photography based in Bristol, U.K. and available for worldwide travel.

When we aren’t capturing love stories or documenting milestones, you can likely find us spending time with our wonderful family, traveling the world, or drinking cappuccinos.

Having lived in the Cayman Islands for over 4 decades, while traveling the world, we fell in love with Bristol, England. After having a very successful photography business in the Cayman Islands for over 9 years, we decided to take a leap of faith and move to Bristol.

Amazed by the beauty, and the history of England, we are so excited to discover all of the glorious locations, we even love the weather!

Our Philosophy

We have a keen eye for a story and a soft spot for film.  The aesthetic, the romantic nostalgia and the process of shooting film allow us to make photographs we love and we hope you will too. We believe less is more. We are drawn to clean, simple compositions and shoot in available light wherever possible.

Our family and friends are everything to us and we love recording their milestones and telling their stories with our camera.  So we feel it is such a privilege to be asked to capture other people’s memories when they are surrounded by those they love.

Shooting with Film

What do you mean by “FILM”?

Before we jump into why we shoot film… we want to clarify what “film” is, since we’ve had more than a few people be unsure, and it’s not a silly question. When we say “We shoot with film”, we’re not referring to using a video camera to capture audio and moving visual… we leave that to the videographer. We’re talking about taking a roll of photographic film that you load into a camera and have developed.

Now that we’re all on the same page about what we mean when we say “film”, lets chat about our why and few commonly asked questions.

Why we photograph with film:

To us, film has a unique way of capturing light, color, and detail. The richness and depth that comes from a film image is equally balanced by the dreamy skin tones and overall softness. When we look at a film image, it almost looks like an artist painted it… capturing so much more of the moment, because we know it was carefully curated.

Because shooting film also has a direct cost associated with each time the shutter button is pressed, unlike with digital, it makes us a much more intentional photographers. The result is a more artful and beautiful gallery for our clients. Now, don’t get me wrong… digital definitely has it’s place and time, which is why we are “hybrid photographers”, meaning we shoot both film and digital images.

We prefer to shoot with film during any natural (or bright enough) light setting during the day. In most circumstances this means any image up through dusk will be captured on film. We always have a digital camera with us and one of us will be shooting digital alongside the film. Once the sun has set or we are indoors with low light, we will likely then transition to primarily digital from that point on.

Can we get digital files from film photos?

ABSOLUTELY! After shooting rolls of film, we send it to our professional lab to be developed and scanned into a digital format on their professional scanners. This means that whether we’re shooting on a digital or film camera, you will still have a digital file of the images provided in your gallery.

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